How exactly to logout from two website additionally- PHP treatment maneuvering.

How exactly to logout from two website additionally- PHP treatment maneuvering.

Guess we have older women dating kod rabatowy two internet sites & in almost any domain names. The user facts of both these websites is the identical so we can log in to both these sites with the same userid and code.

Whenever a user clicks the logout option on after that we also need to log all of them from Both web sites are open and logged in on a single web browser (on various tabs).

Are you able to damage the period snacks of whenever the user logs from

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Because two internet aren’t discussing any login info among, both tend to be maintaining separate session information, and you cannot customize the period facts of other website.

An answer should create an API that interacts to the other web site, to damage the treatment information.

Loss 1 : unwrapped “” and signed in as “alice”

Loss 2 : started “” and signed in as “alice”

—Now, to possess a “mutual log-out”, carry out the following.—

When you click “log out” in tab 1 (.com website), it must head to:

Similiarly, as soon as you click “log out” in tab 2 (.net website), it must head to:

I do believe definitely clear for your family.

You’ll want an intermediary webpages or webservice that keeps track of consumer periods, i.e. typical to both sites and From both web site you can get an ajax consult every resolve amount of time to test the intermediary services for the quality of individual session. If a user logs in some of the one website the session would ruin. And whenever the ajax consult from other web site monitors it could see closed period and hence your write in the laws to damage snacks or what you may need it to would.

The following try how I take action in Drupal. If you use any CMS next there’ll be a particular solution to do this, nevertheless the core construction was exact same to aid it from inside the PHP planet. When an individual site see a login consult internally login to the other website with provided password.

  • 1st login for the website and and obtain cookie tokes etc. to continue other things strongly related to an individual’s requirements.

Test rule is here now for Drupal CMS. You could get the idea how it works and its particular efficiency next duplicate relevant elements to your workplace inside ecosystem.

  • 2nd try create contact the logout address of various other site to logout an individual. Remember that you need to used the cookie prices came back at the login label however if you make an ajax call out of your logout web page to the other website then there is no operate around.

Any time you search Drupal web site API to find out more concerning the drupal_http_request way.

Hope this might help you to do so within atmosphere with programing techniques with PHP.

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